Startup Consulting

We are not prime brokers, lawyers, accountants or administrators. But we do have hands-on experience of managing the whole startup process and reviewing structures and processes for investors as part of operational due diligence, as well as conducting reverse due diligence for managers, anxious to ensure that they have covered everything that an investor would want.

Hedge Fund StartupsThird party service provider selection and onboarding
We have conducted beauty parades and negotiated contracts to ensure that the best service providers are retained, with the best possible terms.

Legal document project management
As we have experience of drafting or checking countless offering memorandums for many funds of all sorts of strategies, we are able to transform trading and accounting nuances into legal terms and structures. This bridges the gap between managers and accountants who are not lawyers, and lawyers who are not managers or accountants. Where necessary, we are able to challenge badly drafted or unfair terms in service provider contracts, ISDA schedules, and margining or risk requirements.

We advise clients to use an external compliance consultant as well as having a dedicated person in house. Our experience and compliance qualifications help ensure that other parts of the business are “compliance-ready” in the sense that they do not delayed by unnecessary conflicts with the compliance function.