Investment Quotient is a financial services consulting specialist. We work with our clients to ensure they achieve the best possible outcomes for all stakeholders. We pride ourselves on our years of experience as practitioners, our original thought, our attention to detail and above all, our ability to think laterally.

In today’s markets it is not enough to tick boxes. Managers have to innovate, and investors have to beware the unexpected. All of this means that what we know now about investing is necessary, but not sufficient to continue investing safely and successfully in the years ahead.

We live in troubling times. The very definition of risk has almost been rewritten. Today, we face the prospect of currencies, countries and economic zones becoming unviable.

For many years universities have taught politics and economics side by side, but most people considered the two topics to be entirely separate; and during most of our lifetimes, the financial markets in the developed world have indeed been isolated from political tides. Now, that has changed, possibly for ever, and investment outcomes rely as much on politics as economics, if not more.

Investment Quotient exists to guide its clients through the markets with skill and care. We look forward to doing business with you.

Important Information

Investment Quotient Ltd. does not conduct designated investment business as defined by the provisions and exclusions of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (Regulated Activities) Order 2001, and is not authorised by the FCA. Therefore the scope of any investment consulting provided is strictly limited.